Cine Film Transfer to MPEG-4 and Alive Cloud

8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm from £75 per 200 feet
1-1999 feet = £85 per 200 feet
2000 + feet = £75 per 200 feet

Clear form

Step 1How many reels do you have?

3" Reel (50 ft)
4" Reel (100 ft)
5" Reel (200 ft)
7" Reel (400 ft)
9" Reel (800 ft)
12" Reel (1200 ft)
13.5" Reel (1600 ft)

There are approx. 0 minutes of film in your order.

Step 2Do you want HD or Ultra HD ?

Transfer In HD £

Films will be provided at 1920 x 1080

Transfer In UHD £

Films will be provided at 3840 x 2160. Inc free HD version

7 Day Express

Adds 30% to the total order

Step 3USB Stick (you need at least )

I will send my own stick/hdd

Or buy one from us with free gift box (We only show the sticks that fit your order above)


Step 4Do you want a backup drive with ProRes? (At least XX GB)

USB Backup hard drive with ProRes Master files

It's a good idea to have a backup of your project. Our backup service includes a copy of the above MPEG files, and also the ProRes 422 Master files, with the option to add a non-AI version too.

No thanks

I'll make my own backup

Yes please £

Make me a backup drive

Would you like to receive a copy of the transfer with no AI restoration

No thanks

Yes please £

Include the non AI Version

Choose a hard drive:

I will send my own hdd
1TB - £70
2TB - £90
5TB - £150

Total cost of backup service £

Step 5Sound:

Sound Film £

Sound film is £50 per half hour:

Free music

Non vocal background music for silent films

Step 6Other Services:

35mm Slides £

35mm Slide 95p each



B&W to Colour £

£50 per 50 feet

Step 7Free Collection & Delivery:


How are you getting your films to us?


How would you like them returned?

Job Title:

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Step 8About you:

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